High Tea

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Light fresh-baked scones accompanied by house-made strawberry-Grand Marnier jam and chantilly cream; available in an assortment of sweet and savoury varieties, including lemon-lavender, blackberry-lime, vanilla bean, prosciutto, figs & chèvre and prosciutto cotto, gruyere & thyme

Savoury and sweet tea sandwiches; several varieties available, including ricotta, lingonberry jam & rosemary, Nutella & sliced strawberries, ham, brie & pear,  prosciutto & fig jam and house-made blueberry & citrus gravlax with cream cheese

Airy meringue nests with a velvety cheesecake filling, accentuated with edible flowers

Cupcakes; a stunningly moist and decadent cake base available in a variety of flavours and with an array of enticing icings