Canape Menu

Posted on: November 7th, 2016 by erika No Comments

Sliced flank steak tortitas with parsley & cilantro chimmichurri and horseradish cream

Herb-crusted lamb chops on sage & garlic smashed potatoes

Miso-lime dressed salmon sashimi on a crispy pan-fried rice patty base

Shrimp & scallion pancakes with mango-habanero-lime aioli, corn flour-fried shrimp and a drizzle of tempura sauce

Panko-crusted Baja tuna cakes on a cilantro-lime crema topped with a blood orange guacamole and a dab of mango-habanero hot sauce

Port and butter braised enoki mushroom crostini

Risotto alla Milanese Arancini with parmigiano and a saffron cream sauce

Five-spice roasted pork with jalapeno, pickled carrot and cilantro on a buckwheat flour blini